3D Printed LED Dragon Lamp Anime Figure Children’s Table Night

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●An innovative artwork made by an industrial grade professional 3D printer, full of inspiration and creativity.
●Our LED Dragon Lamp will be your best decorative lamp. When the light is on, it looks like a flying dragon breathing fire, eye-catching and cool appearance.
●We use the most environmentally friendly plant starch degradable material PLA, safe and healthy.
●This night light has high-quality lamp beads, which give a nice warm glow and non-flickering light. It’s breathing light helps you and your kid’s mood to sleep well, and wont strain the eye and creating a cozy atmosphere.
●Li-polymer battery 1000MAh, rechargeable 2-3 hours, sustainable 8-10 hours, more easy and convenient to use.



Product Name: 3D printed Fire-Dragon
LWH (mm): 135*135*160
Net weight: 135g
Gross weigh: 210g
Process: 3D Printed
Body Material: PLA (Edible; degradable)
Light Source: LED
Dragon color: Blue
Cloud color: White
Light color: Red (breathing light)
Surface accuracy: 12.5um
Battery: 1000mAh Li-polymer
Working: 8~10 hours
Charging: 2~3 hours
Average service life: 20000 hours
Power Output: USB-DC2.5 1W
Voltage: 3.7V
Wattage: 1W~3W
Rated voltage: 110~220V
Accessories: USB cable, Product description







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