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NEW Perfect Mini Charger

✔️Get The Longest Lasting,  on-the-go charge using Perfect Mini Charger™

✔️Perfect Mini Charger™ gives your phone 8+ hours of charging from ONE single charge

✔️Never carry a "bulky" powerbank or inconvenient USB cable anywhere AGAIN.

  1. Simple and intelligent function.
  2. The powerbank charged by magnetic cable and mobile phone can also charged directly.
  3. The powerbank and mobile phone can be charge by magnetic cable directly.
  4. LED indicator light 1-4 shows the charging capacity of powerbank.
  5. When low power occurs and the charging system turn off automatically.Please recharge intime.
  6. Not use this product for a long period,Please charge at least once a month to maintain the battery life.

Portable mini power bank Size: 77.3*23.4*38.6mm
Capacity:2600mAh 3.7V 9.62Wh Colors: black/white
Imput:5V/1.2A(MAX) Material: ABS+PC
Output:5V/1.2A(max) Working temperature: 0-45℃
Battery:18650 lithium battery Charging time: About 2.5 hours


✔️Perfect Mini Charger™ has premium grade charging power, 2600mAh lithium ion battery

✔️With NEW innovative technology, we've made charging the fastest and most convenient it's ever been.

✔️Never worry about your device dying mid-day ever AGAIN.

✔️We are all aware of how fast Social Media burns our phone battery...we can all agree it's the absolute worst feeling when your phone say  "Low Power 20% Battery Remaining"

✔️It sucks when you're trying to watch your favorite show and 2 episodes go by and you've already burned half your battery for the day...

✔️84% of our customers are so happy with Perfect Mini Charger™ they come back and get one more as a gift for that special someone 


✔️Introducing magnetic connection, just pop your Perfect Mini Charger™ on the bottom of your device and have it charge all day!
✔️Perfect Mini Charger allows you to charge with ease!
✔️Perfect Mini Charger™ has 3 charging adapters: Apple Lightning USB, Micro USB, Micro USB Type-C


• 1x Perfect Mini Charger

• 3x Magnetic iPhone + Android Adapters

(Lightning, Type-C & MicroUSB)

• 1x Magnetic Recharging Cable
• 1x Magnetic Adapter Removal Tool



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