Car Backseat Hooks – 2pcs

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Bullet Point:

1. There is a convenient hook and hanger, which is widely used in cars.

2. Small size, convenient for shopping or outing.

3. It can be easily hung on the headrest rod of the seat back and takes up less space.

4. With this hook, there is no need to hang jackets or clothes on the rear window, nor to block the rearview mirror. Thanks to these car headrest hooks, you can now enjoy a clear view and keep your shirt wrinkle-free during the journey.

5. This type of car rear seat hook is inlaid with rhinestones. When light shines on you, it will refract beautiful light. In this way, it will not appear so bulky in leisure time.


Type: Car seat backrest hook

Material: colored diamonds, plastic

Rhinestone: 5A grade imported rhinestone

Role: Place items and expand space

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