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Water Spray Wand with Garden Quick Plug


Package Contents:
1x Water Spray Wand
1x Spray Brass Nozzle 
1x Quick Connector for Water Hose 



1. Rust and corrosion resistant construction, heavy-duty and detachable design;

2. Single spray tip for washing & watering, such as car washing, plant watering, agricultural irrigating, household cleaning, etc;

3. Fits all standard garden hose couplers, and other sizes with standard 1" female hose connectors;

4. The wash wand has trigger to control spray, easy operation and user friendly;



Type: Garden /Carwash Water Spray Wand

Item Net Weight: 210g

Length : 24” / 64cm


    Tube -  aluminum alloy

    Trigger - Plastic

    Spray Nozzle -  copper

Handle – Plastic

Spraying Distance: up to 15m

The water wand comes with single spray tip, for both car/ bicycle wash, and  plant / flower watering;

The internal pressurization design can produce relatively large water pressure;


The wand trigger can control water flow on/ off, easily operated and friendly using;

This garden hose spray wand has two ways to connect the hose. One way is to use the quick nipple that comes with the product and plug directly into the water hose connector, another way is if your hose head is threaded, use the threaded connector to rotate the connection directly.


Attention please:
Although our spray wand has a pressurized design. It can increase water pressure to meet your normal needs of car washing and garden watering. But mechanical pressure cannot be as strong as electrical power.  The pressure largely depends on the water pressure in your water system and hose, the spray nozzle only boosts that pressure to a limited degree.


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