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Creating content with high audio quality has never been easier. Do you want to increase your likes, views, and subscribers on social media by ten-fold? Any job professions dealing with content creation will benefit using this Smart Mic. In the core of the Smart Mic is a highly patent one of a kind Bluetooth 5.0 technology that no other devices have. SmartMike+ is small, portable, produces great sound, and has long battery life than any other microphone in the market.


  • ADVANCED MULTILEVEL NOISE CANCELLATION TECH: As a professional wireless microphone for smartphone, Multi-Level Noise Cancellation embedded algorithm control by the SmartMike+ APP, block outer surrounding noise, pick up the most authentic sound, provide high quality audio source for speech recognition. Clear sound without effort, even you're in noisy environment!
  • PERFORMANCE YOU CAN COUNT ON: The wireless mic offers professional full band audio 44.1~48kHz stereo CD quality, more than 6 times the frequency of conventional mono microphones. Real-Time Auto-Sync Technology, reduce the video post-editing. Support Multi-Channel Real-Time Mixing, it can synchronize the background music for phone and human voice in real time.
  • REAL TIME MONITOR: Comes with headphone, it can be attached to the microphone or phone, all the sounds in the video can be heard in real time from the headphone, as to keep track of the shooting progress. The wireless mics is built-in Qualcomm and MFI chipset, the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provides faster, easier and more stable connection.
  • PORTABLE & DURABLE: The wireless lavalier microphone is equipped with 110mAh high-quality lithium battery, providing 5 hours of battery life after fully charged. Mini Metal Clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar or pocket. Compact and lightweight design are easy to carry around. It's constructed with premium materials, durable enough to use through the years.
  • GREAT FOR YOUR CHOICE: Just connect your Smartphone with SabineTek SmartMike+ microphone via bluetooth, Say Goodbye to Messy Cables! You can create the perfect videos and audio files on your smartphone at anywhere. Ideal for Vloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Interviewers and more.



Wireless Channel------------ 2

Operating Range-------------49.2feet

Working Time----------------Approx. 6h

Charge time------------------Approx. 1h

Charging Interface----------Micro USB

App---------------------------Free SMike+ App (iOS/Android)

Analog Interface------------3.5mm Jack( TRS + TRRS modes)

Bluetooth--------------------A2DP, HFP, SWISS(SabineTek Wireless Interactive Sound System)

Package Included:

1 x SmartMike+ Wireless Mic,

1 x Earphone, 1 x Windshield,

1 x Micro USB Cable,

1 x Pouch,

1 x Wind Muff,

1 x Manual

Wireless Bluetooth  |  Real-time Mic  |  14g Light  |  Noise reduction

SmartMike+ Make your short video shooting more efficient

Multiple application scenarios

High-quality real-time radio and synchronize with the picture

Easily get all kinds of videos

2 ways to connect

TWS mode-Bluetooth one for two

M / S Master - Slave Mode Set

To achieve master-slave mode,purchase a set


Video real-time wireless radio

Bluetooth connection

Open Wisdom APP or cooperation app , it can be

used for video wireless radio

Full frequency 44.1~ 48Khz

Stereo CD sound quality sound collection

transmission and synchronization

Multiple noise reduction

Reduction of wind noise or background noise

through embedded intelligent algorithms


Real-time mixing

Real-time mixing mobile phone phone background music and

your voice can be used with 3.5mm headphones

TWS Microphone

Capturing audio from multiple

smart microphones simultaneously

World Leading Technology

Intelligent AI

Recognize speech and generate subtitles

Zhimai APP can recognize more than 100 voices and 

generate corresponding editable subtitle files 

Master / slave radio

Wireless use with digital cameras & 3.5mm interface devices

Powerful smart wheat APP

Simple operation and free use & OAT upgrade

Compact and portable built-in battery

only 14g , used for more than 5 hours

Why Choice us ?




1. What is the audio quality for SABINETEK SmartMike+?


High Audio Quality ● Stereo, 44.1KHz, Full Frequency ● Compatible with iOS/Android ● Full frequency band (with 44.1KHz) Compact


2. What is the weight of the SABINETEK SmartMike+?

Light, Power Saving, only 14g Wireless Real Time Mixer  .


3. Does SABINETEK SmartMike+ support background music playback?

● BGM Playback- support music playback

● Compatible with any music apps Realtime Monitor
● SmartMike+Monitoring with external headset
● Realtime Monitoring in app



4. What features does SABINETEK SmartMike+ support?

● Standard Bluetooth headset features
● External headphone supported
● External headset supported
● TWS supporting, up to 2 SmartMike+
● Supporting HFP basic features for other apps
● Wireless remote control for filming
● Front/Back Camera Switch while filming



5.What app modes does SABINETEK SmartMike+ support?

● Vlog, Interview, Geek Mode


6.Introduction to apps Zhimai?

● App upgradable for more AI features
● Powerful featured Sabinetek App available
● Free App


7.What can I do with this SABINETEK SmartMike+ ?

● Wireless recording for mobile: Interview, Memo, Meeting, Lecturing etc.
● Vlogging
● UGC Video: Youtuber.
● Singing
● Podcasting



8. Others question?

please contact our service team to confirm,we will help you.





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