Glitter Poly Nail Gel Extension 15ml Gel Polish All For Manicure Poly Builder Gel Semi Permanent Soak Off Nail Art

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1.Use the nail file to shape your nail surface.
2.Apply the base coat. Cure by UV/LED lamp.
3.Use a suitable shape of the nail.
4.Apply an adequate amount of glitter poly for gel on the nail plate model.
5.Apply the crystal gel averagely on the nail model with a brush.
6.Put the poly to your nail. Cured by UV/LED lamp.
7.Remove the nail plate model after dry, extend a molding.
8.Apply the topcoat. Cure by UV/LED lamp.

Name: Glitter Poly Nail Gel
Volume: 15 ml
Color: 16 Colors
Used for: Nail Extension
Cured: UV/LED Lamp
Properties: pearlescent extender
Texture: sticky
Color: A: re09-a751, B: re09-a752, C: re09-a753, D: re09-a754, e: re09-a755, F: re09-a756, G: re09-a757, H: re09-a758, I: re09-a759, j: re09-a760, K: re09-a761, l: re09-a762, M: re09-a763, N: re09-a764, O: re09-a765, P: re09-a766

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1 set *Glitter Poly nail Gel

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