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Multi-use Mini Colander For Fast Fuss-free Cooking The Micro Kitchen Colander Kitchen Tool Strainer Drainage Accessories 916


  • Multi-use mini colander for fast & fuss-free cooking. Made from silicone, it's dishwasher safe & the ideal accessory for every kitchen!
  • 'Tricolour'
  • The micro silicone colander, that makes cooking fast, clean and efficient.
  • Designed to fit and work with any size of can lets you drain, strain and contain food without needing to make a mess or waste as much water as a conventional colander.
  • Beyond this, we've discovered so many extra uses for it - check them out below
  • Conventional colanders and sieves are massive. They're best for draining potatoes and pasta, not for getting liquid out of cans.
  • They lead to a lot more wasted water, when all you need is on the can, and a good shake to flush out any residue inside with a small amount of tap water.
  • Fed up of colanders taking up too much space on the draining board (or dishwasher), was created to solve the problem, and we have discovered it can do so, so much more...
  • Compact and colourful, This is made from silicone.
  • This was chosen because its a flexible, food-grade, high temperature material.
  • Each of the water-droplet shaped holes has been sized to allow the maximum flow of water both into and out of a can, without letting any of the food escape from inside.
  • Sick of using a full size colander to drain chickpeas, kidney beans and tinned fruit, the was to develop a miniature version to specifically fit to cans that fully removed all residue inside, leaving only clean food behind.
  • Size:
  • A standard can are 73mm in diameter. It has a bit of stretch so can fit things slightly wider too!
  • Easy to clean (handwash or dishwasher), compact size makes it perfect for every kitchen - big or small.
  • Too often utensil drawers are crammed and extracting a colander can send pots and pans crashing to the floor - not a problem with This

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