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The new generation of SMD LED light bar for aquarium, is an energy-efficient decorative lighting, widely used in fish tanks, cisterns, rockeries, pet cages and others. Compare with other aquarium light with the normal LED chips, the 5050 SMD LED owns the advantages of small heat, long life, steady color and high brightness etc.. 
Blue or white light led bar can make your tank look like part of ocean, and your fish and reptiles can be seen where they are swimming or moving.


Glass tube, crystal clear, smooth surface, easy to clean. 

Strong body, protection cap, safe and durable; soft suction cup, providing very good support for the light bar. 

High quality of SMD LED chips for high lumen output and good maintenance, super bright. 

Full waterproof LED bar design for submersible or external use. 

The LED light bar could be submerged entirely under the water or put it out of the water (but the LED drive with switch is non-submersible). 

Ease to attach to the fish tank with two suction cups. 

This item can be put in the bottom of fish tank, on the top of fish tank and anywhere you want to put in the fish tank to decorate it. 

Safe and reliable. Low voltage output (12V only), safe to use. 

You can use 2 or more led bars for a larger tank.


1)  Color of the light: RGB (with a 24Key remote controller) 
2)  Tube length:                 18cm:    9pcs 5050SMD,  1.5W 
                                           28cm:    15pcs 5050SMD, 2W 
                                           38cm:    21pcs 5050SMD, 2.5W 
                                           48cm:    27pcs 5050SMD, 4W 

3)  Cable length: 1.85m 
4)  Power plug: US/EU Plug 
5)  Power input: 100-240V 
6)  Power output: 12V 

Package included: 
1 x Aquarium led light 
1 x 24Key remote controller

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