Slow Back Memory Cotton Physiotherapy Lumbar Pillow

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Back pain is not good?

Do you also have the following problems?

Long-term driving lumbar fatigue

Sedentary work pressure doubled

Lumbar space is difficult to sleep

The second generation of package, multi-function ingot waist pad / car lumbar support

Care for the waist, relieve stress, and be healthy every day.

1. Scientific classification, bedtime + sleep, classification care.

2. Ergonomics, 3D curved surface fit.

3. Memory rebound, slow back to memory cotton.

4. Breathable fabric, 4D mesh cloth jacket.

Fill the waist gap and say goodbye to soreness

1. Soothe the waist soreness, easy to fall asleep, improve sleep quality.

2.3D support, fill the gap, functional partition, close fit.

3. Engineering zone waist belt design, care for the lumbar spine fit and relax.

4. Support area, convex design, full support lumbar vertebra fill gap.

5. Side sleeping area, embracing design, care for the waist side.


"C type" waist + "T point" top waist

Not only has a "C-shaped" embracing waist, but also a raised module in the "T-point" area of ​​the human waist and lumbar vertebrae. Adjusting the "T-point" position of the car seat back according to different sitting postures, colleagues have both Waist and top waist.


Slowly return to the inner core of the memory cotton, slowly returning to  in 3-5 seconds, uniformly absorbing the pressure of the dispersion, and supporting the force

4D mesh fabric is breathable, not sticky, smooth, not easy to wrinkle, good breathability

Concealed zipper for easy removal, smoothness and durability

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