Funko Introduces New Batman-Inspired Bitty Pop Collection

Funko Introduces New Batman-Inspired Bitty Pop Collection

In recent years, Funko has established itself as the leading brand for collectibles among pop culture enthusiasts. Their Pop vinyl figures have become a fan favorite, and now Funko has released a new line of Pops known as Bitty Pops, which are the smallest Funko Pops available. The toy company has recently unveiled their latest addition to the Bitty Pops collection, which is entirely Batman-themed.

The second wave of one-inch miniature figures features four four-packs, each containing characters from DC Comics, Batman: The Animated Series, and Adam West's Batman 66 TV series. The first pack includes a black suited comic book Batman, Batgirl in her gray suit from BTAS, and a comic book Joker in his Alex Ross inspired black tuxedo. The second set features Batman, Robin, and Scarecrow in their original designs from BTAS. The next set features Joker, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy in their original designs from BTAS. The final set features Batman, The Riddler, and Batgirl as they appear in the Batman 66 series.

Each of these four sets contains a mystery Pop, which has four options. Your mystery Pop could be Batman Beyond from his self-titled series, Robot Batman from BTAS, Penguin from Batman 66, or Catwoman in her original gray suit from BTAS. Each pack will cost $14.99.

If you are a Batman fan, these Bitty Pops are an excellent addition to your collection. With such a vast range of characters available, you can choose your favorite set or even try your luck at getting the mystery Pop. These miniature figures are perfect for display, and their compact size makes them easy to collect and store.

Funko's Bitty Pops are an excellent way to show off your love for pop culture while staying on trend with the latest collectibles. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Batman-themed Bitty Pops today and complete your collection!

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